Arrow Following - Jessica - Inspiring Women, Following Dreams

Jessica is probably one of the sweetest girls I've ever met. A true understanding person, filled with love and patience.  We met via mutual friends and hit it off instantly as friends. We have had many a talk about business, faith, and life in general. She has helped me through times when I doubted myself and my abilities.  It was only fitting that she be featured on Arrow Following because she will be an inspiration to everyone who reads this blog post.  Not only is she a fantastic lady, but she living her life on her terms and doing what she wants with her time spent here on the earth. 

We had so much fun getting her all dolled up at Raw Mane Lounge, and when the photo shoot started, we couldn't stop talking. We had a talk about self-image, self-love and about forgetting the past mistakes. I couldn't be more proud to photograph such a beautiful woman.  Also her answers to the interview questions are divine, you don't want to skip this! Read on...

1. To women and young girls out there, what would you like to say about pursuing goals and dreams?

Get a vision and get excited to accomplish it!  Start with something you would like to do this year and then work on it daily or weekly.  You will see how quickly your life can change!

2. What would you say was the hardest part about achieving your goals?

The hardest part to achieve my goals is doing the little things consistently.  We all want big changes (and fast), but it is the small changes done consistently that bring the long-lasting, big results.  I’ve never been able to put $1,000 into my savings account at one time (I don’t have that kind of discipline), but I can set aside 10% of everything I make into a savings account.

3. Growing up, what type of self-image did you have?

Probably like most people, I had a very poor self-image.  I wish I could have had a talk with my younger self to say, “Hey Jessica, don’t worry that you have freckles, your ears stick out, and you are super skinny…you’ll grow into your body!  Oh, and by the way, don’t worry about trying to please everyone…it won’t work, so just have fun being you!”

4. If you could go back, what's the one thing you would change?

I would have stopped allowing the fear of failure to rule my decisions. 

5. Have you always known you were going to be __________ or did evolve as you went along?

A business woman…absolutely!  I’ve always been a little entrepreneur.  However, what I’ve done in business has definitely evolved.  All of my current and future success is because of God.  He is willing to lead us into amazing experiences, and I just keep following step by step.  It’s definitely been an adventure.

6. For the women out there dealing with fear and self-doubt, what do you want to say about that?

All of us feel fear and self-doubt, and as long as we allow those thoughts and feelings to roll around in our minds, we will never accomplish our dreams.  I’ve learned that I fight fear and self-doubt with a plan and the words that come out of my mouth.  After all, I will believe what I say about my future, more than what anyone else could say.  For example, I decided to take a Pointe dance class this year where I was learning to perform ballet on my tip-toes in Pointe shoes.  I had so many reasons why I could not do this…I’m 34 years old and I only took one Pointe class when I was 11 years old, I don’t have time to practice, I’m going to fall on my face, etc.  I moved past the fear by enrolling in the class and I fight the self-doubt by saying each morning:  “I will perform on Pointe at the Spring Show” and I quote a favorite scripture of mine from Psalm 30:11-12 MSG, “You did it; you changed my wild lament into whirling dance…God, my God, I can’t thank you enough!”  I am so thankful that I felt the fear and did it anyway because this dance class has been so much fun…and I WILL perform on Pointe at the Spring Show on May 17th!

7. What's next for you?
I’m still working on this year’s goals/dreams.  You’ll have to check back with me in December!

8. What are the 5 things people probably don't know about you?

1) I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior while on a cruise to Cozumel in 2004.

2) I’ve got a drum set, an electric guitar, and a bass guitar (I could start a band!)

3) I talk to myself…a lot.

4) I like to watch animated children’s movies.  “Meet the Robinsons” is my favorite.

5) I’m a minimalist.  If I haven’t used it, I give it away.

9. The glamour experience with Megan Smart, how did that make you feel? 

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have had this experience.  Megan was funny and made me feel so comfortable during the shoot.  Also, having my hair and make-up done was so much fun!


In business, it is good to do a financial snap-shot to see how well you are doing and where you can improve.  I felt like this glamour experience was a “life snap-shot” where I could celebrate what I’ve done…on the way to where I’m going.  I highly suggest anyone 30 years old or older to take the time to do this.  We have a tendency to live life full-throttle, and never pause to document our life’s journey. 

10. Self- Confidence, how do you keep it up and keep working at your goals every day?

The beginning of self-confidence for me was getting God-confidence.  Otherwise, every time I fail or I don’t live up to my expectations, I no longer have confidence.  It’s much better to wake up every morning knowing that God’s grace and mercy are waiting for you!


The photography business is back!

I want to start off by first saying that I'm really sorry for not posting in, oh ya know, TWO MONTHS! But I'm back on the horse so to speak now, and getting back into the grove of the business again.

Chadd and I found out we are expecting a baby in November and that's one of the reason's I've been so down and out lately. Well more like exhausted and sick to be brutally honest. But now as I enter my second trimester, things are starting to get better and I'm finding that my energy is coming back slowly. Which means more time for the business and less time sleeping on the couch.

So what has the business been up to for first part of the year? Well I've been shooting quite a bit actually, April was the busiest it's ever been and I couldn't be more excited about that. My photo editor is working out great, I've been talking with a graphic designer about developing the online store, possibly hiring another photographer, and we decided we would be hosting another bridal event in February 2016. So it seems that even though I've been tired and sick, things are getting done, just quite a bit slower than usual. 



I let it go...

I have always heard that in business that you should do what you love and then outsource everything else. Easier said than done, right? Easier to outsource when you have the money to pay someone else correct?  Only when you don't have the funds, you have to suffer through the things you hate. But you have to spend money to make more money. It all seems like big catch 22. In order to do the things you love, you have to be able to give up control of the others.

I don't know why trusting people with my business is such a big issue for me. I think some of it is because I don't want people to see that I'm not perfect. I don't get the picture right very time, I forget things, and all I really want to do in my business is marketing and taking pictures.  I want to be able to spend time with my family and actually do fun things, even if it is just as simple as cooking dinner and watching a movie with my husband on a Wednesday night. 

So I sat down and looked at what was taking up most my time. And that was editing my photos. Now I don't hate editing AT ALL. It's actually very relaxing and fun for me, but it's super time consuming. I still love creating a piece of art. But it has been taking me longer and longer to get the images to my clients, and this is something I didn't want to drop the ball on. Soooooo….I hired a photo retoucher. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still editing some of the images, and of course every image is inspected by me and sent back to the retoucher if I don't approve. 

But I want you to know, that this person is top-notch and his work is excellent. He is one of the best retouchers I've ever seen. And it was so nice last night knowing that my editing was being taken care of and I could relax after a hard day. So to me paying him is well worth it, because now I have more time to communicate with my clients, take images, get the images back to my clients faster, and have more time with my husband.

I never thought I'd be able to let go of my image editing but now it's like a weight has been lifted and I can do more things to make my business better.

Happy Wednesday! 

Ally and Dillon - Texas Hill Country Engagement - Comfort, TX

A couple of months ago, Ally contacted me about photographing her wedding. She mentioned that she had seen many of her friends images on my Facebook page and she wanted to meet me and see what my photography was all about. 

We met at Starbucks, and come to find out she is from my hometown and we went to the same university! And when Ally proceeded to tell me that her and Dillon are high school sweethearts, my heart jumped for joy for them! 

We decided to have their engagement session in downtown Comfort, Tx. A sweet little antique town with sweet little shops and an adorable stone pizza place. We walked around for a little bit and found a green wall covered in ivy, very cool.  Dillon is a funny guy, he had no problem making Ally laugh and me as well. I'm so glad these two people found me and that I get the honor of photographing their special day. In the meantime, check out some images from their engagement session!

First Post of the NEW Blog

Well things happen when you make switches over to a new web host, like losing your blog. So that's really disappointing, but it is what it is. I've tried every which way I know to save it, import it, and no such luck.  Not that terrible since not very many people read it anyway.  

But with the new site, I've much more control and it's easier to upload photos so that's a good thing.  I have quite a bit to blog so in the next few days I'll get this thing populated again.  


Enjoy this new site and stay tuned for more to come!  YAY!