Samantha Bridals - Texas Hill Country

Samantha and Michael’s wedding was this past weekend and I am so excited because I finally get to post her bridal portraits. We took her bridals back in July, and as anyone from south Texas knows, it can get pretty hot.


Despite the blazing heat, Samantha shone through and remained beautiful as ever for her portraits. Her beautiful smile just lit up with absolute joy. Her dress flowed gorgeously over her body and fit her perfectly. Everything ended up looking simple and beautiful and it is impossible to tell that it was a hot day.


Her wedding was just as beautiful and I can’t wait to give you an upcoming sneak peek. Until then, enjoy the beauty that Samantha shows with her gorgeous bridal portraits. 

Fall Inspirations

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• Fall is here, around the corner
• October Weddings / Fall Weddings - ideas for brides
• Seasonal Decor
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Introduce Caitlin

I would like to start off by introducing myself as the new contributing writer and editor for Megan Smart Photography. My name is Caitlin Jaworowski and I began my journey with Megan just a few months ago. 


Megan and I first met when I asked her to do the photography for my wedding. I enjoyed working with her and always-loved keeping up with her blog and social media posts, so when she asked me to help her with her business, I was pleasantly surprised. We had gotten to know each other during our sessions together, so it was great to able to work with her.


As Megan Smart Photography grows, I feel honored to be a part of it. I began contributing as the main blog writer and have been assisting with social media posts. As Megan Smart Photography’s first official employee, my goal is to aid in the expansion of the business. I plan on doing this with the continuation of posting weekly blogs and keeping up with social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.


For the future of Megan Smart Photography, you can look forward to more posts on ideas for weddings, upcoming holiday specials, maybe a few contests and lots of social media fun. I really look forward to what this opportunity has in store for not only me, but for Megan Smart Photography. 


Thank you again to Megan for adding me to your team!



What to Wear for Your Fall Portrait Session

Part of the fun of taking fall photos is dressing the part. The colors and textures of fall are so beautiful and rich. Incorporating the right look in your photos can really make a difference for some beautiful results. Here are a few ways to think about the perfect wardrobe for your upcoming fall photos. 

1.     Clothes that flatter you and look like you

First and foremost, pick clothes that flatter you. It is good to make sure you are comfortable and feel great in what you have on. The most important part of creating great photos is feeling great during your shoot. 

Feeling great also means wearing something that is true to who you are. Dressing up in something different can be fun, but clothes that express who you are on the outside can reflect who you are on the inside. 


2.     Coordinate Colors 

Anytime you have multiple people in your photos, it is really important to coordinate the colors in your wardrobe. That doesn’t mean you have to be matching per say. It’s all about mixing the same tones and complimentary colors within your group. 

A good way to create a diverse yet flowing wardrobe is to focus on a set of certain colors. Starting with a pattern and working with the colors in that pattern can really set the look. 

3. Solid colors and subtle patterns

This really goes along with coordinating colors. Incorporating patterns into your look will bring out some dimension in your photos. You can even be a little brave and try mixing some patterns. This sounds scary but can look really beautiful. A good way to mix is to bring in complimentary colors. Also, mixing different size patterns helps to make everything flow together.

Solid colors are a great way to brake up too many patterns. With family photos, mix it up. The same for couples. Photos have more variety when subtle patterns are brought out by solid colors. Wearing a white shirt with a floral scarf is a simple way to mix these two aspects. 

4. Layers

One of the best ways to add texture to your photos is to create layers. This is super easy for fall. Scarves, sweaters, boots and I could go on and on. Now it’s important to edit and not go crazy with too many layers, but don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Jewelry is also a really great way to add texture and shine. Adding a few dangly earrings or layering necklaces will bring out the colors in your outfit. 

5. Same Style - Casual or Dressy

Coordination is key to beautiful pictures for a group or a couple. An important part of picking your outfits for photos is making sure you have the same style. Blue jeans would seem a little out of place with a long formal gown. So along with blending colors, textures and patterns, it’s also important to keep the same style throughout a series.

This means blue jeans go well with beautiful blouses and flowy dresses, and a crisp suit looks great with a glittery gown and heels. It’s all about looking great together. It can also be fun to change up your photos by changing from casual pictures to a dressier ensemble. 

So this fall, remember to always be yourself and to wear something beautiful that makes you feel great. It’s even better when you capture these gorgeous outfits with long-lasting family photos. One of the best parts of capturing your family photos or couple photos is dressing up for them. So let your style shine through and feel great doing it!